A single platform
for interacting with your audience.

Comprehensive integration

A single platform to manage communication channels

WhatsApp Business, Social Media, chatbots, e-mail, calls and SMS are some of the communication channels that companies use to interact with their customers.

With the omnichannel solution you will be able to manage all interactions with your customers through a single integrated platform ensuring smooth workflows for operators without jumping from one channel to another.

Result: simplified communication channel management and a unified and improved customer experience

Omnichannel chatbot

Make customer care continuous

Automated responses and uninterrupted support to customers through intelligent chatbots, through which they can also initiate conversation directly on their favorite channels (e.g., WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, e-mail, etc.).

You will be able to build your chatbot without having computer skills. In fact, using the special window in the platform, you will only need to drag and drop the different available functions to build the chatbot.

Result: you ensureongoing customer support, free up team time to devote to quality, and reduce the cost of managing your chatbots.

VoiSmart Chatbot

Ticketing system

Omnichannel ticket management

Customers will be free to choose the channel they prefer to send support tickets.

They will be able, for example, to open the ticket via chatbot and then move to Whatsapp. For the operator, nothing will change; the platform will simply signal that the customer has switched to a different channel.

If customers choose the phone call, the operator can manually generate the ticket while on the line with the customer, arriving at the solution through the support team. All through the unified mailbox.

Result: improves the customer experience when requesting customer support through timely and accurate responses.

Analytics and reporting

You will have dashboards updated in real time with useful metrics to improve the customer experience

The platform provides insights into performance from channel management (chat quality, ticket volume, agent performance, etc.) and customer experience.

Analytics are provided through a customizable panel that is updated in real time, allowing you to monitor messages, chats, tickets, and agent status.

Result: Optimization of strategies and simplified reporting

Data report

Orchestra Teams Collaboration

Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions to work in freedom


Orchestra Teams Collaboration is all your team needs to communicate and collaborate.
It offers a modern communication experience that helps your teamwork in the daily routine.
Designed for the cloud, it can be multi-tenant, multi-instance or installed on any type of hardware.


Organizations using Workstream collaboration see an increase of more than 20% in productivity and they are more successful in satisfying their business needs.


In a single solution you can call, schedule audio conferences, chat, share documents with your colleagues and organize meetings in video collaboration rooms with your clients.


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