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Real-time collaboration increases your employees performances

Today the user finds himself scheduling a conference call via email, the next minute he is organizing a videoconference on another platform and then chatting with a colleague on one of the many instant messaging apps.

These discomforts have also spread to IT departments, which have almost lost control over the proliferation of messaging and collaboration apps.
Just like the advent of emails shocked the workplace more than two decades ago, Workstream platforms are about to become the communication channel for tomorrow's digital workforce.

According to Gartner, by the end of 2022, 70% of teams will rely on Workstream systems among employees as the primary means of communicating, coordinating and sharing information, triggering a new digital transformation.

VoiSmart platforms are cloud based solutions of Unified Communication and Collaboration to simplify and improve business productivity.

Why introducing Orchestra Team Collaboration solutions

Organizations that use team collaboration see an increase of more than 20% in productivity.

Applications of this kind help to promote commitment and productivity on the workplace. It is accessible from any electronic device, allowing more flexible working patterns for staff.

The user will then be able to access calls, documents and messages on the move, from the office or working from home. Some of the key benefits of collaboration apps include optimized teamwork, easy access to teleworking, increased communication between colleagues and improved engagement, the latter important for ROI growth.

Orchestra Teams Collaboration

Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions to work in freedom


Orchestra Teams Collaboration is all your team needs to communicate and collaborate.
It offers a modern communication experience that helps your teamwork in the daily routine.
Designed for the cloud, it can be multi-tenant, multi-instance or installed on any type of hardware.


Organizations using Workstream collaboration see an increase of more than 20% in productivity and they are more successful in satisfying their business needs.


In a single solution you can call, schedule audio conferences, chat, share documents with your colleagues and organize meetings in video collaboration rooms with your clients.

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