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Partner VoiSmart

VoiSmart Quality Partner is a program designed for retailers who choose VoiSmart products to develop their business. Choosing VoiSmart, in fact, does not only mean a guarantee of product quality and service reliability, but also continuous technical and commercial training, telephone and web assistance, specialized support and consulting services such as hardware replacement or feasibility studies.

Starter Kit
VoiSmart Starter Kit is the basic package that allows the first installation of VoiSmart products. At a particularly advantageous price, it allows to test the product, install it, use it and verify its high potential.

Technical and commercial trainin
Every VoiSmart Quality Partner is a Certified Partner: this means that it has received in-depth training on VoiSmart products and solutions and differentiates itself on the market for more competence in VoIP technology. The certification takes place on two levels: Silver and Golden. Each VoiSmart Partner has the right to participate in a course session (for space reasons a maximum of 4 people per company are accepted). The registration to the courses is very simple: just check on the Course Calendar the date of the first available course and fill in the form indicating names and surnames of the participants. Within a few days, VoiSmart will send a confirmation email, based on the places still available.

    Orchestra Teams Collaboration

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    Orchestra Teams Collaboration is all your team needs to communicate and collaborate.
    It offers a modern communication experience that helps your teamwork in the daily routine.
    Designed for the cloud, it can be multi-tenant, multi-instance or installed on any type of hardware.


    Organizations using Workstream collaboration see an increase of more than 20% in productivity and they are more successful in satisfying their business needs.


    In a single solution you can call, schedule audio conferences, chat, share documents with your colleagues and organize meetings in video collaboration rooms with your clients.