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The cost of corporate communication is not just the bill you receive from your manager. The real costs are often hidden among the inefficiencies of the communication system, such as when you waste time tracking down a colleague, or how long you have to travel for hours to meet a colleague or a client, or when you have to first print and then insert another device to send a fax.

The Feasibility Study proposed by VoiSmart is a detailed analysis of the project resulting from the analysis of your requests and needs, with the aim of transmitting technical and economic data for the evaluation of costs and benefits arising from the inclusion of a solution. In fact an accurate study and a correct planning of the project are the main steps to ensure the effectiveness of the investment and therefore the success of your business.

The Feasibility Study is a service available to clients who, having the need to apply particular solutions, want to know in advance all the costs, risks and of course, the benefits. It is a document that analyzes in depth the different aspects that make up the system project from an organizational, economic, regulatory and technological point of view.

Orchestra Teams Collaboration

Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions to work in freedom


Orchestra Teams Collaboration is all your team needs to communicate and collaborate.
It offers a modern communication experience that helps your teamwork in the daily routine.
Designed for the cloud, it can be multi-tenant, multi-instance or installed on any type of hardware.


Organizations using Workstream collaboration see an increase of more than 20% in productivity and they are more successful in satisfying their business needs.


In a single solution you can call, schedule audio conferences, chat, share documents with your colleagues and organize meetings in video collaboration rooms with your clients.

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