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VoiSmart transforms research into product, bringing innovative solutions for communication and mobility to the market. Thanks to the continuous investment in research, VoiSmart makes the most advanced technologies become tools able to increase productivity and efficiency of all business processes.

VoiSmart is the Italian brand focused on research and development of solutions at the service of communication, successfully present on the Italian and international market. We are leaders in the design and production of reliable, efficient and highly professional technological products in the field of fixed and mobile telecommunications that use innovative technologies; we work daily to propose solutions capable of meeting the concrete needs of companies and stand out for quality, reliability and services offered.

VoiSmart stands for:

  • Continuous development of innovative solutions: with a highly qualified team of technicians, more than 75% of whom are engineers and researchers, we aim for technological excellence, constantly trying to overcome the constraints and limitations of existing products.
  • Ability to transform research into product: our technical expertise has allowed us to create important partnerships with qualified manufacturers. Production is carried out according to the technical specifications of our laboratories, guaranteeing high quality standards.
  • Capillary distribution and customer proximity: through a network of official distributors and qualified resellers we assure companies that choose the VoiSmart solution, the best logistics and the best assistance available on the market in all phases of our products' life cycle.
  • High value-added solutions: with a careful needs analysis in terms of technology, organization and cost, we are able to propose the communication solution that maximizes the effectiveness of the investment and ensures the best level of end-users satisfaction.
  • Total assistance: from analysis to construction, from installation to certification of the systems, from training to the provision of typical after-sales services.

Orchestra Teams Collaboration

Integrated Communication and Collaboration solutions to work in freedom


Orchestra Teams Collaboration is all your team needs to communicate and collaborate.
It offers a modern communication experience that helps your teamwork in the daily routine.
Designed for the cloud, it can be multi-tenant, multi-instance or installed on any type of hardware.


Organizations using Workstream collaboration see an increase of more than 20% in productivity and they are more successful in satisfying their business needs.


In a single solution you can call, schedule audio conferences, chat, share documents with your colleagues and organize meetings in video collaboration rooms with your clients.

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