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Orchestra FAX Server

The brand new VoiSmart Fax Server is the easiest way to manage, deliver, store, record faxes directly from end users' PC. Through a simple web interface, each user can send or receive fax, decide whether to get them via mail or not and define how and where to store them. VoiSmart FaxServer allows any organization to save money otherwise spent in cartridge, paper, expensive hardware and IT maintenance, moreover it allows increasing efficiency and productivity due to the fact that users don't have to waste time to and from fax machines and waiting to the fax to be sent. Now embedded in VoiSmart FaxServer, there's VoiSPrint, easy to install, it creates a virtual printer, which can be used with the most common editing software and allows sending faxes to all users without opening the web interface.

VoiSmart FaxServer is a powerful solution for confidential documents, as each fax is addressed directly to the receiver and it cannot be missed or changed, but if some faxes need to be shared within an office, they can be addressed to specific groups. VoiSmart FaxServer can be used for direct marketing purposes by scheduling delivery time and number of attempts. The FDR functionality shows the result of the fax activity detailing the statistics and the outcome of each sending.
VoiSmart FaxServer is a powerful solution, which can manage up to 120 simultaneous faxes (depending on the hardware), with a scalable structure that easily adds fax capability to new applications and infrastructure according to the organization growth. Moreover it's fully integrated with the Voip Technology: using the T38 real time fax protocol, it guarantees an outstanding level of communication and the cost saving features of the Voip network. T.38 protocol can relay fax even on noisy and jittery lines, where standard G.711 fax passthrough fails.

Main Features

  • FAXes Unlimited Storage
  • Full scalability
  • Protocol T.38 / Support FAX G.3
  • Speed up to 14,400 bps
  • Access to received faxes via web interface or directly in your mailbox
  • Direct forwarding the inbox FAX based on a dialed number
  • FAXes routing to group users
  • Convert to PDF the inbound faxes and distribution via e-mail
  • Integration with e-mail server via POP3 and SMTP / IMAP - compatible Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Sending faxes to multiple numbers (integration with Phone Book)
  • Sending scheduled
  • Sending faxes via web, email and virtual printer VoiSprint (Windows)
  • Wide range of supported formats for shipment FAX: standard attachments to Adobe PDF and TIFF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, TXT, etc.. through virtual printer
  • FAX Details Record (FDR)
  • Inbound/outbound fax numbers flexible and fully customizable
  • Full access through the web interface simple and intuitive user profiled
  • Multilinguage user interface
  • Client / Users Unlimited
  • Support external authentication server with LDAP or Active Directory
  • Address Book with LDAP support

A brand new VoiSmart fax printer

VoiSPrint is the new fax virtual printer for Windows. VoiSPrint allows to send a fax from any generic document to multiple recipients directly from the PC.
VoiSPrint is easy to install and to use, its unique features make it an extremely flexible, practical and useful tool to match the requirements of any organization and professional use.
VoiSPrint combines cost savings and technology and perfectly complements the VoiSmart Fax Server features.
The use of a VoiSmart fax server brings significant advantages in the process of distributing and archiving faxes including: remote documents management; improved confidentiality thanks to one-to-one distribution/delivery; significant cost savings in paper consumption, fax machine consumables and maintenance; optimization of manpower resources. Now, with the added features offered by brand new VoiSPrint fax printer the VoiSmart Fax Server is even more effective and closer to user’s needs.
What are the main features of the VoiSPrint fax printer? VoiSPrint is now able to add the recipients of the fax to be delivered in multiple ways including:
  • Selecting/Searching numbers or recipients in the VoiSmart PBX/Fax Server directories (public, personal or group)
  • Direct input in predefined forms of recipient’s numbers
  • Importing numbers from external Excel file (just entering the name of the file and the appropriate columns containing all the fax numbers and any other fields such as name and company)
  • Using distribution lists saved on the VoiSmart PBX/Fax Server
VoiSmart Fax Server does not require special cards/interfaces or additional software, VoiSmart Fax Server is licencesed per channels (concurrent faxes) not clients!

Connecting FAX Server into digital telephone lines

VoiSmart Fax Server is available as integrated optional added value application for any VoiSmart PBX, as well as stand alone appliance that matches any existing infrastructure: connected on fax lines, downstream of any TDM PBX, in “pass-through” mode upfront of TDM/PBX to benefit from DID/DISA as well as in “full IP” systems in T.38/SIP mode.

The pass through mode means that the Fax Servers can share the line with a telephone system while there is no difference for the telephone system. To the user this means a substantial cost advantage and quality advantage.

The cost advantage is that no installation or configuration with your telephone system or PABX is required. No extra cards in your PABX or extra telephone lines are required. The Fax Server is connected in between the telephone network and existing telephony infrastructure. The existing equipment cannot see the difference. The quality advantage is that because the Fax Server is connected directly to the digital telephone network, no information is lost. The caller ID is available in digital format and the line quality is the best possible available for fax transmission.

All the ways you can send a fax with VoiSmart Fax Server!

The VoiSmart Fax Server allows you to send a FAX at any time, in any place and with multiple tools. Available ways include:

  • At the office from any Windows PC from any application through VoiSPrint fax printer
  • At Home from any PC system through the web interface, just selecting the recipient number from the contacts in the phonebook, or by entering the number, and attaching the PDF document files to be sent via FAX (including separate cover page).
  • Travelling through the email system, by sending an email to VoiSmart FAX server. The system allows you to send as fax either the body text of the message or a standard pdf attachment.

VoiSmart makes everybody’s communication easy, even while sending a FAX

VoiSmart Fax Server generates positive ROI in few months!

Have you ever calculated how much does it cost to send/receive a FAX in the traditional way? To better appreciate the running costs of a traditional FAX machines please refer to the following example.

If we consider four scenarios of businesses that send an average of 15, 20, 30 and 50 faxes per day each and typical resources/costs associated such as:

  • An average personnel cost of 17.00 euro/hour (resources typically in charge to send, collect, distribute faxes)
  • An average outgoing fax process time of 3 minutes
  • An average incoming fax process time 5 minutes for collection and distribution (this parameter varies according to fax contents, however with traditional fax system even advertising needs to be connected and uses paper)
  • An average cost of 0.05 euro/fax related to paper, toner and maintenance for traditional fax process

Based on these average figures the annual cost of sending and receiving faxes through traditional fax machines can be easily estimated. The results are shown in the following diagram:

The results are far above normal perception of the costs associated to such common process. Even differences in such basic data do not change to main economics that demonstrate how traditional fax handling is a costly and resources burning process. With a yearly cost per fax/day near to 600 euro the break even is quickly and easily reached in all scenarios. This demonstrates the big impact of a fax server solution in cutting costs and optimizing use of resources. The fax server solution can be easily paid off in few months bringing tangible savings on the long term!

Such economics are even more attractive for the VoiSmart PBX integrated fax server option!