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RMA policy

VoiSmart pays the utmost care and attention to ensure that the products comply with the highest standards of quality. However, it is possible receive a no compliance product, or the product arrives damaged or incomplete. In order to solve these eventualities, we set up a RMA procedure reserved for our partners. Within a few simple steps, we are committed to solve any kind of problem, in order to ensure to you and your customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Click here to access to the RMA portal

NOTE: in case the dealer has purchased the product from a distributor (Alias​​, Fiore, GFO, ...) must contact your local distributor to obtain authorization to return the goods. For any further information, please contact your sales representative or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When you can apply RMA

VoiSmart warrants the products sold for 12 months from delivery. As part of the products listed in the "List reserved for reseller", the warranty is applied as follows:

  • For all PBX / FAX SERVER / GSM GTW: start from the date of license registration, directly from the distributor or its dealer.
  • For all other products will start from the date indicated on the delivery of the product
In the case of product defect within the period specified, VoiSmart repair or replace the product within a reasonable time in their own care. The return of the products must absolutely be authorized by VoiSmart staff through the RMA procedure. Transportation costs are charged to the client. It will not be accepted materials shipped "freight collect" or "charges payable by the recipient ".
VoiSmart makes no warranty about:
  • products purchased from third parties
  • damage caused by installation, use, modification or improper repairs carried out by the customer or a third party not authorized by VoiSmart
  • use for purposes beyond those described in the specifications
  • third-party products, such as foreign software and supplementary material
  • any alterations, modifications and interventions by the reseller except as expressly authorized in writing by VoiSmart.

For the products to be analyzed, restore and / or replace they must be delivered at the VoiSmart warehouse.

In the case of repairing product after the warranty period, it will be apply labor and parts costs. VoiSmart will provide the estimated cost for reparing in advance. After confirmation by the partner / customer the goods will be repaired.

VoiSmart during the repair or replacement shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, personal injury, material damage, caused or alleged to be caused by deterioration or loss of stored data.

The RMA procedure not provide for the advance replacement of the product. The product will be replaced or repaired only after receipt of the report from the service center VoiSmart.

For those who want to take advantage of services that facilitate fault management outside of the normal RMA and warranty products are available dedicated services such as:
  • Service "Hardware Replacement"

A web-based tool for the support and RMA

The RMA request form can be filled out directly from the help desk portal accessible from the website: The form must be completed by:

  • authorized distributor VoiSmart in the case of goods conveyed through the channel
  • from the Quality Partner or customer only in the case of direct management (or prior authorization)

Who don't have account to the helpdesk, interested for other reasons,  must apply to the sales representative.

By logging in the Help Desk system leads to the main content. To create an RMA request must select the "New Ticket" and fill the form. Once you have completed the application this is visible on the system helpdesk as RMA, at the same time you receive a notification in the system integration.

RMA service level


In charge: Within 12 hours the insertion by the distributor / partner the request shall be taken into charging management system VoiSmart at the time of taking over the status changes to "In charge" is generated automatically an event notification.

Validation: Within 2 working days from the request, if accompanied by all the necessary information is validated or rejected. During the analysis may need to be contacted a technical reference, so it is always advisable to complete the RMA request with all the details necessary for the analysis. Validation can have the following outcomes:

  • Rejected
    • for commercial reasons (SN does not match the sold products)
    • for technical reasons (no failure conditions)
  • Approved
    • in warranty
    • out of warranty

It should be noted that the acceptance of the return of the goods does not require the automatic activation of the guarantee. The product upon receipt will be analyzed by the technicians to verify the entity and the potential cause of the fault. If the fault is due to improper use or external causes not included in warranty conditions, the customer will be charged.

If the customer will receive an email with the approval of the RMA, he can proceed with the delivery of goods to the warehouses VoiSmart. In this case the request status will change to "Validated" if not change to "Closed - refused". The package must be clearly marked as RMA, in its DDT must be given the ticket number  and the date of acceptance.

The material received is tested in order to assess the extent and reasons for the failure. Upon completion of the test is given confirmation of the outcome and the expected delivery time. The state switches "In process". For products returned within the warranty period, this test can have the following outcomes:


  • in warranty,
  • failure due to improper use and therefore not covered by warranty

For products out of warranty or damage not covered by warranty will be given an explanation of the type of failure (repairable, non-repairable) and any cost of repair or replacement. In these cases only after written acceptance by the distributor / partner it will be repaired. Alternatively, the product remains for 15 days available to the distributor / partner for collection at their own expense. After 15 days, except in cases duly justified and accepted in writing, the product is disposed of.

When shipping the material repaired the RMA is "Closed - with success" and is sent a notification with the shipment date.