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The new phone VEP-4000 revised in design and functionality,  it is a ideal solution for corporate and residential successfully. It combines an affordable price with a stylish design and excellent ability to handle calls. Compliant with SIP protocol, to ensure compatibility with all gateway and VoIP PBX using the same protocol. Supports 2 VoIP accounts and two concurrent calls, and a wide variety of codecs. The Phone VEP-4000 is equipped with advanced call management features, guarantees excellent voice quality on the LAN with support for wideband codecs. The support for all'autoprovisiong make the phone easily administrable and configurable for both applications IP PBX for both applications IP Centrex. The phone VEP-4000 is the ideal choice for those who want a complete, highly reliable and high value for money.

Voismart IP Communicator allows you to manage your communications easily and efficiently from your computer. You can make VoIP calls, supervise when your contacts are available, send instant messages, read incoming faxes and also make GSM callback calls through the PBX. You're just a click ahead of the power of Unified Communication at your fingertips.

Orchestra NG is a revolutionary communication system which includes advanced features of PBX solutions, the services of presence, communication with chat, mobile communications and collaboration services. With Orchestra NG, finally these services can be activated in the cloud at low cost.

The platform is based on a new and robust softswitch that allows to reach the standard required to deliver carrier grade services. Maintenance and configuration is simple and intuitive, it is not necessary to knowm any programing language.

Orchestra Call Center is a multiplatform application for Call Center/Contact Center, based on IP technology that fits to any VoiSmart PBX also in multi-PBX mode. Celesta includes both outbound call center and inbound contact center features. it is available in pure “inbound” mode.
Orchestra Call Center matches the requirements of a wide range of applications from SME’s, large Enterprises and professional call centers thanks to scalability, completeness and simplified integration with external data applications (CRM, ERP, Help Desk, data base). Celesta’s ACD engine (Automatic Call Distribution) allows effective distribution of calls to different operators by optimizing the use of PSTN lines, SIP trunks and waiting times for operators.

The brand new VoiSmart Fax Server is the easiest way to manage, deliver, store, record faxes directly from end users' PC. Through a simple web interface, each user can send or receive fax, decide whether to get them via mail or not and define how and where to store them. VoiSmart FaxServer allows any organization to save money otherwise spent in cartridge, paper, expensive hardware and IT maintenance, moreover it allows increasing efficiency and productivity due to the fact that users don't have to waste time to and from fax machines and waiting to the fax to be sent. Now embedded in VoiSmart FaxServer, there's VoiSPrint, easy to install, it creates a virtual printer, which can be used with the most common editing software and allows sending faxes to all users without opening the web interface.

Orchestra is the PBX management software developed by VoiSmart to guarantee the most advanced functionalities, a switchboard control, a remote function and extreme easiness use. Its interface with different authorization levels is used both by the system administrator and by the user and gives access to all configuration, use and reporting activities linked to the switchboard.
The graphics is simple and intuitive: from the home page it is possible to select all areas of interest and navigate on different levels to manage different functions. The simplicity does not affect the very numerous and powerful management functionalities.

VoiSmart Instant Messaging & Presence (IM) is a solution based on Jabber protocol, which allows a rapid and efficient communication between local and remote users within the corporate network, providing private instant messaging & presence features as well as integration with public IM networks.The IM client integrates with VoiSmart PBX in order to manage the presence acting as powerful extension to the Orchestra platform. The perfect combination of real-time messaging and presence with the enterprise telecommunications system offer a new class of services and applications to match the requirements of modern processes and business. Instant messaging is continuously growing and establishing as communication tool, with more than hundreds of millions of workers that are currently using Instant Messaging systems, in continuous growth, giving to Instant Messaging an important role in the world of business communications.

VoiSmart Advanced Mobility enables a unique set of mobility features bringing well known mobile extension to a new level of service, improving flexibility, completeness and cost effectiveness. The VoiSmart Advanced Mobility enhances corporate communication at all level while keeping control of the call flow and reducing fixed to mobile convergence costs.

VoiSmart Advanced Mobility engine allows to forward calls simultaneously to multiple numbers in order to minimize the answer time and, to transfer the “ongoing call” to any extension (phone) part of the distribution list.

Orchestra allows complete scalability without the need of software replacements. Updates and functionalities can be added with a simple click from the web interface without the help of a specialized technician. The architecture allows the implementation of new special or non standard functions, making them available as new applications without intervening on the hardware system. Security is a very important aspect in a Unified Communication platform. Orchestra has password protected access at all levels, for example to the voice mail, to the user’s interface, to service activations, to outbound or international calls, and so on. The support to the LDAP and Active Directory protocols allows the integration of the access control with the existing IT infrastructure of the company, thus improving and simplifying the daily security management.

Innovative function on VoiSmart Outlook Plug-in. Reliability and simplicity are the main values taken into consideration when creating superior customer service here at VoiSmart. From now on, users can handle the Orchestra  offered by VoiSmart services from Microsoft Outlook without opening any other applications.  A wide range of functions are available to the user with a simple click, such as click and call, synchronization, recording, SMS , FAX e Mobility. The VoiSmart Outlook plugin is available on Microsoft Outlook 2007 Version, the 2010 version will be released in the future.

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