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Demo Online

Select your Account

The easiest and fastest way to try Orchestra is access to its web interface

Orchestra in English

If you want to access the web interface in english click on the following link:

If you want to access the web interface in italian click on the following link:

Make a test call

If you want to make a test call, we suggest to download the Voismart Softphone demo:

Start the installation and making sure that the installation ends with the launch of the application. 
After the product is started wait a few seconds for the application gets the list of available users, then select one and click the "Login" button.
make sure that you have chosen, from the menu "settings>devices", the network interface to which you are connected to the Internet.

If you want to connect your SIP phone or a softphone SIP,

you must  use the following parameters settings:

  • SIP Proxy:
  • Username: the corresponding internal demo account chosen (eg: 211)
  • Authorization user: the corresponding internal demo account chosen (eg: 211)
  • Password: the account corresponding internal demo chosen (eg: 211)

Once configured and connected to your phone:

  • Call. Dial the number 02123456, in order to listen to a recorded message and check the correct connection of the phone.
  • Fax, You can send a fax just using a 02123456 as destination number
  • Call us. Dial 0270633354 in ordr to speak with us.
  • Conference. Join in a conference dialing  the phone *9345.

Warning: it may happen that some accounts are in use by other users.

Apps and clients

From the web interface, menu "Tools> Applications", you can download a variety of clients and applications with which you will be able to prove the potential of Orchestra 5.