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The VoiSmart web collaboration includes IP communications, mobility, web conferencing and enterprise messaging. Provides to the organization or company the ability to collaborate with customers, suppliers and business associates internally via the Internet in real time. Lets you share Web pages with customers, offering the ability to chat or video conference in single or multi-user rooms. It also allows you to interact and share presentations, share the desktop of your PC and communicate with remote users thereby reducing transportation costs. And 'one web-based tool that helps an organization in the exchange of information and the reduction of costs, but not only, for example in the field of sales, can lead to new opportunities or improve customer satisfaction.

The operator, via the web interface, can create new conference rooms assigning a phone number and pin associated with these different access depending on the mode of use: the moderator, speaker or listener. It is
 possible associate a single geographic number to more rooms, in this case an IVR will ask you to type the room number and pin.


The user of the telephone system Orchestra NG may use a conference room reserved for him immediate or plan one, using an integrated agenda, indicating the hour, the day and the participants. The system will send an email notification to all participants containing the information needed to access the room. In this case the new pin will be generated access reserved only for participants.

The moderator can manage the conference through the web control panel, with which you can:

  • see who is online
  • see who is talking
  • call participants dial-out
  • add participants at the conference
  • remove participants from the conference
  • put in mute your microphone and / or listening
  • put in mute the microphone and / or listening to the participants
  • change the mode of input / output of the participants
  • schedule meetings and invite attendees

Orchestra NG conference is ideal for conferences audio recurrent and / or casual, is a virtual room always reserved for you and your customers, try it now:

Demo online

Orchestra Recording Suite is a powerful tool for recording telephone conversations and it meets the needs of a wide range of customers such as:

  • Companies subject to the specific statements  (utilities operating in the world of Gas and Energy)
  • Help desk services
  • Emergency centers
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Security services
  • Banks and financial companies
  • Call Centers
The suite is available as a separate telephone solution, both as auxiliary device can integrate with any existing telephony infrastructure via analog lines, ISDN or VoIP connections. It allows you to record telephone calls on the basis of several parameters, customizable for every need. For example, you can record any call incoming and outgoing from a specific line, or record conversations of a single user, or the incoming calls on a response queue.

Recordings can be started manually during the call; can be activated by the supervisor via the control panel, or by the user via the telephone bar or directly from the phone (depend on ip phones). It can be activated with or without warning alert message (according to configuration).

Quick search and easy playback of the conversation, can be performed using any PC, make the solution of immediate use in any ambiente.L'ascolto and research call is managed by a control panel where calls are ordered by date, ID the caller (if available), identification of the called party (if available) and duration. Access to listening to recordings done with user authentication and according to the same privileges, ensuring confidentiality and protection of privacy even when access is via local networks, Internet.

The recordings can be encrypted and signed with dual password.

Orchestra Recording Suite can be integrated leveraging existing storage systems with clear benefits:

  • It has no limit of space for storage of the calls;
  • It does not require dedicated hardware for storage;
  • use storage systems and standard available on the market;
  • single management and user authentication;
  • only procedure of protection and corporate security; etc.

The application has been successfully used for banking applications where you need to record to support the negotiation of transactions and telephone orders. In combination with VoIP for example, it allows you to centralize the service in the central office and decentralizing only  the IP terminals.

Recording of calls is necessary for all organizations that need to protect their company and their employees, while maintaining the privacy of the conversations. Have copies of all telephone communications, identify, where possible, the caller's number is critical to protect itself in case of claims or allegations.
A company that provides services to the citizen who has an audio proof in case of need is always able to measure and / or prove correct service delivery.
Orchestra Recording Suite is a flexible, easy to install and can achieve high efficiency at a low cost.

New Orchestra with BYOD and Proximity marketing

We are very close to the opening of CeBIT 2014, where you can find us at the Hall 13 Stand B55 from 10 to 14 march.  We take advantage of this important opportunity to meet our partners around the world.

This year we'll show you the new Unified Communication platform Orchestra NG wich includes advanced features of PBX solutions, instant messaging (chat), presence information, IP telephony, call control, video conferencing, document sharing, BYOD and secure management of mobile devices with a new Captive Portal Enterprise.

Need tickets? Want to schedule an appointment?  Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Every company has its own phone system, today with the advent of new technologies, these systems are often obsolete or insufficient to meet the needs of comnunicazione. Despite these needs, the company, for reasons of economic or technical nature, it isn't often able to replace the system with one of the new generation. As an alternative to replacement you can integrate your existing PBX with new features through the use of Orchestra IP PBX. In this condition, the company will be required:
  • Protection of investiment 
  • Adding new features
  • Extension of the lines with VoIP connections
  • Extension of the lines with GSM connections


A Call Center service company (inbound, outbound, help desk, etc.) uses software tools to manage services such as CRM, HelpDesk, etc. .. The telephone infrastructure plays a key role in cost control and efficiency of service. Typically a modern call center needs:

  • Simplified integration with applications HD / CRM / ERP
  • Need to integrate remote locations/agents
  • Minimization of investment
  • Optimization of the operator time

Companies with multiple branches (network sales, logistics, production, ..) have communication needs that if made ​​with traditional telephony  can be generally ineffective and very expensive.

The requirement of a typical multi-site companies are:

  • Easy communication between the various sites
  • Share services and data
  • Centralize / deploy services according to the needs
  • Easy integration of new units / offices

The companies distributed over many locations and with many traveling employees (eg: network sales, logistics, production and technological development, control of plants abroad ..) can take advantage of instant messaging to improve communication between staff and reduce communication costs.

VoiSmart IM in the company introduces the following advantages:

  • Increasing of communication between the personnel
  • Reduction of telephone calls
  • Reduction of travelling costs
  • Simplified access to centralized services

Let’s take a typical example of “mobile” professionals, their needs and the practical improvements in their everyday activity thus productivity, thus business, thus money!

  • What are sales people activities ?
  • What everyday needs must be addressed to help sales people?
  • How can any salesman improve his daily business with VoiSmart Advanced Mobility?

VoiSmart VoIP/GSM/SMS Gateway is an Asterisk-based IP gateway which allows you to transform fixed-to-mobile into mobile-to-mobile traffic in the simplest and most efficient way. It's a true “black box”, which can be reached as a VoIP client/server. VoiSmart VoIP/GSM/SMS Gateway integrate the SMS server feature that allows to send and receive high volumes of SMS traffic in the simplest and most efficient way. It is ready to be configured as a Mail server or a POP3 client. It allows multiple simultaneously active GSM channels, in different case configurations (from 4 up to 32 engines).
The VoiSmart Gateways support SIM server functionalities for remote and central storing of any number of SIM cards.

VoiSmart Traffic Shaper is a revolutionary device, which will allow quality calls to be performed even when a network is overloaded and VoIP calls could not be established.
The result of a joint research project between VoiSmart and Politecnico di Milano, based on a traffic estimation engine and an innovative traffic control algorithm, VoiSmart Traffic Shaper is a Level 2 Bridge for data and a SIP transparent proxy for VoIP calls. It is totally transparent to traffic, and ready to be used: it allocates resources as a function of the measured traffic and of the voice call requests. It also controls a selective attribution of the data (non-voice) traffic, giving the counterpart an indication of the call drop (if any). It can be also used as a measurement tool of the effective bandwidth supplied by the provider.

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