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The Salesman

Let’s take a typical example of “mobile” professionals, their needs and the practical improvements in their everyday activity thus productivity, thus business, thus money!

  • What are sales people activities ?
  • What everyday needs must be addressed to help sales people?
  • How can any salesman improve his daily business with VoiSmart Advanced Mobility?

Here are some answers.

The typical salesman activities involve:

  • Frequent travel and visits to customers so very often any salesman is not at the office;
  • Sales activities are not strictly related to business hours and “presence” in the office;
  • Mobile phone is probably the most used communication tool to generate business;
  • Very often the mobile number is given to customers in order to facilitate contacts while out of the desk.

Everyday needs thus involve:

  • Answer just important calls (i.e. to close a contract) leaving to the secretary ordinary calls even for mobile calls;
  • Be always available for "key customers" to improve image and credibility of the service;
  • Minimize “lost calls” when out of the office or busy with another call to increase the chances of business;

VoiSmart Advanced Mobility improves works effectiveness and your image with a few clicks!

VoiSmart Advanced Mobility allows any active user to adopt your company extension number to receive and generate all calls anytime and anywhere! You can avoid to provide any other number to your costumers while they can reach you at anytime and anywhere AS YOU WANT!!
You can create unlimited groups, match them with different rules and let the VoiSmart Advanced Mobility engine to handle incoming calls and forward them where and how you have decided, at the office, on mobile, to the secretary, on voice mail.. and even at home or in a different premises... All under control, easy to program, to plan and to manage! And if you forget to change a rule just an SMS or IM can change the rule in real time!!
HOW TO? Here's an example, and the salesman is still on the focus.

Through the Orchestra web interface the salesman may differentiate its phone book contacts to build customized contacts lists like:

  • "VIP" key customers, important contacts, always available!!
  • "Hot" contacts with negotiations underway or high potentials
  • "Normal" all the standard contacts
  • "Unwelcome" those contacts who are time wasting, inconclusive, …

The salesman can easily create with a few clicks of the mouse distributions rules like:

  • Always: unlimited phone access, anywhere at any time set time (i.e. between 8:00 to 20:00), including weekend and holidays if required
  • Urgent: unlimited phone access, anywhere only in the business hours
  • Normal: desk phone access only, otherwise the call is forwarded to the secretary
  • Limited: desk phone access only, forward to voice mail for busy, not answered, DND,..

At each rule the salesman may associate one or more phone numbers to distribute calls like desk phone, company mobile phone, mobile phone personal, home phone, secretary phone, any other as required.
The VoiSmart PBX and the Advanced Mobility engine will do the job to match groups, rules and planning to let any incoming call on a single number to “always reach” the salesman in the best way.
A "VIP" customer calls at 19:30 at the company extension, the system forwards the call to the seller extension, company mobile phone, and maybe personal mobile, home phone and secretary extension in escalation, finally to Voice Mail.
A "normal" customer calls during business hours at company extension, the system forwards the call within to desk phone, escalate to secretary and finally to Voice Mail, while outside business hours directly to to voice mail. The secretary may take the call and transfer to mobile phone for important matters.
The answer mode is “variable” for each contact with the main goal to optimize time while maximizing customer contact and care ...

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