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VoiSmart Instant Messaging & Presence (IM) is a solution based on Jabber protocol, which allows a rapid and efficient communication between local and remote users within the corporate network, providing private instant messaging & presence features as well as integration with public IM networks.The IM client integrates with VoiSmart PBX in order to manage the presence acting as powerful extension to the Orchestra platform. The perfect combination of real-time messaging and presence with the enterprise telecommunications system offer a new class of services and applications to match the requirements of modern processes and business. Instant messaging is continuously growing and establishing as communication tool, with more than hundreds of millions of workers that are currently using Instant Messaging systems, in continuous growth, giving to Instant Messaging an important role in the world of business communications.
Orchestra is the PBX management software developed by VoiSmart to guarantee the most advanced functionalities, a switchboard control, a remote function and extreme easiness use. Its interface with different authorization levels is used both by the system administrator and by the user and gives access to all configuration, use and reporting activities linked to the switchboard. The graphics is simple and intuitive: from the home page it is possible to select all areas of interest and navigate on different levels to manage different functions. The simplicity does not affect the very numerous and powerful management functionalities.
Orchestra NG is a revolutionary communication system which includes advanced features of PBX solutions, the services of presence, communication with chat, mobile communications and collaboration services. With Orchestra NG, finally these services can be activated in the cloud at low cost. The platform is based on a new and robust softswitch that allows to reach the standard required to deliver carrier grade services. Maintenance and configuration is simple and intuitive, it is not necessary to knowm any programing language.