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Web Collaboration, Web Conference

The VoiSmart web collaboration includes IP communications, mobility, web conferencing and enterprise messaging. Provides to the organization or company the ability to collaborate with customers, suppliers and business associates internally via the Internet in real time. Lets you share Web pages with customers, offering the ability to chat or video conference in single or multi-user rooms. It also allows you to interact and share presentations, share the desktop of your PC and communicate with remote users thereby reducing transportation costs. And 'one web-based tool that helps an organization in the exchange of information and the reduction of costs, but not only, for example in the field of sales, can lead to new opportunities or improve customer satisfaction.

The operator, via the web interface, can create new conference rooms assigning a phone number and pin associated with these different access depending on the mode of use: the moderator, speaker or listener. It is
 possible associate a single geographic number to more rooms, in this case an IVR will ask you to type the room number and pin.


The user of the telephone system Orchestra NG may use a conference room reserved for him immediate or plan one, using an integrated agenda, indicating the hour, the day and the participants. The system will send an email notification to all participants containing the information needed to access the room. In this case the new pin will be generated access reserved only for participants.

The moderator can manage the conference through the web control panel, with which you can:

  • see who is online
  • see who is talking
  • call participants dial-out
  • add participants at the conference
  • remove participants from the conference
  • put in mute your microphone and / or listening
  • put in mute the microphone and / or listening to the participants
  • change the mode of input / output of the participants
  • schedule meetings and invite attendees

Orchestra NG conference is ideal for conferences audio recurrent and / or casual, is a virtual room always reserved for you and your customers, try it now:

Demo online