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Orchestra 5 Suite: all in a single box !

Orchestra allows complete scalability without the need of software replacements. Updates and functionalities can be added with a simple click from the web interface without the help of a specialized technician. The architecture allows the implementation of new special or non standard functions, making them available as new applications without intervening on the hardware system. Security is a very important aspect in a Unified Communication platform. Orchestra has password protected access at all levels, for example to the voice mail, to the user’s interface, to service activations, to outbound or international calls, and so on. The support to the LDAP and Active Directory protocols allows the integration of the access control with the existing IT infrastructure of the company, thus improving and simplifying the daily security management.

The innovative platform Orchestra, are unique in terms of completeness of services offered. The wide range of applications – that would normally require external devices – is perfectly integrated in a single environment. Orchestra makes voice, FAX, SMS, GSM and Instant Messaging channels available to its user through web browser and/or client applications. All services are available through simple and intuitive interfaces allowing their immediate use. In the same box there is a complete set of communication devices:

  • IP PBX
  • FAX server
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • SMS Server
  • Phone Book Services
  • Advanced Mobility
  • Recording Suite
  • Call Center
  • Telephone Bar
  • Plug-in for Outlook

Orchestra IP PBX is the ideal VoIP solution for the modern company, with unlimited license and its ability to manage thousands of customers with a single unit. The VoiSmart switchboards are designed and realized according to the best industrial standards and offer an excellent quality/price balance. The complete support offered for every kind of connection (VoIP, analogical, ISDN, GSM and WiFi) makes of VoiSmart an effective solution suitable for any installation, for the integration of both new and traditional telephone networks. The main services include: Voice Mail with unlimited and personalized Voice Inbox, multilevel automated responder (IVR), integration e-mail/Voice Mail, differentiated answering mode, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Least Cost Routing (LCR), conference management, Call Detail Report (CDR) and so on.

Orchestra Fax Server supports both the traditional lines with standard modulation and the T.38 protocol, the only protocol able to guarantee a correct operation in IP networks. The FAX Server allows all end users to receive and send faxes in their own environment and operating system through e-mail integration or with a simple web browser or – for Microsoft Windows users – with a virtual printer.
Orchestra IM allows all business users to enjoy Instant Messaging & Presence solutions integrated with the telephone network. The multiplatform client of VoiSmart Instant Messaging includes a softphone, the interfacing with the company address book, the services “click and call” and the possibility to monitor the status of the extensions through a centralized access control. The services of Instant Messaging can also be used by the end users to change their settings, activate a telephone service or originate calls.
Orchestra SMS Server makes the most of the GSM interface cards on the VoiSmart switchboards in order to use the SMS service. All enabled users can receive and send SMS directly from their e-mail client in addition to their web interface. The user will be able to send a SMS to the VoiSmart switchboard to modify his mobility status or make a call-back instead of activating the call hunting service on a specific number.

Orchestra Directory is the software module that includes evolved directory functions, allowing the management of address books both local and external. The address book represents an essential tool to make the use of the telephone along with the PC station extremely simple and efficient. The address books are actually used by Orchestra to identify callers, to divert calls depending on the caller’s identity, to use the click and call services and many more depending on the context. The evolved directory functions include:

  • Address book management for public, group, personal and internal use with reading and editing access depending on user’s preferences.
  • LDAP Protocol for external address books for use of existing company’s address books, for example on Microsoft Exchange.
  • Updating of address book’s contacts through web interface, VoiSmart Instant Messaging client, telephone bar, CSV file (both importing and exporting) or through synchronization on Microsoft Outlook.
  • Browsing of address book directly on IP telephone display (available for all models supporting VoiSmart autoprovisioning services).

Orchestra Advanced Mobility manages the communication of users in mobility in order to improve productivity and minimize costs. The available services allow users to handle calls with unsurpassed simplicity and effectiveness. The business user, with just few clicks, can choose how to handle his calls:

  • Answer to a call only if necessary by grouping contacts into customized lists and choosing different rules for each group.
  • Be always in the office (the extension will be the only company’s contact), send and receive calls through the company switchboard, while VoiSmart will manage the mobile phone in a hidden mode.
  • Be always available: by planning the answering rules the user will be able to receive calls from selected contacts on selected times (even when out of office) and forward the incoming calls to the desired number.
  • No more lost calls thanks to the smart calls management, after all it could be the most important client.

Orchestra Recording Suite allows the recording of calls, making the PBX a professional recording system. The recording can be performed on one or more lines, on a specific extension or through manual activation. The recording may be preceded by a notification message in compliance with current regulations. The recorded calls can be listened through a control panel where calls are ordered by date, caller ID, recipient ID and call duration expressed in seconds. The recordings may also be activated manually through interface, telephone bar or telephone (available only on specific models). The recordings can be archived directly on the PBX or on external devices in order to guarantee security, privacy and unlimited recording space. Through a simple tool searches can be performed by time, date, caller’s number and recipient’s number. Thanks to its recording functions the VoiSmart PBX can be integrated within an existing system in order to deliver a complete and performing recording service.

Celesta Call Center is an application for call centers based on IP technology for outbound calls, customer care services and inbound contact centers. The Celesta’s engine allows a rational distribution of inbound and outbound calls to different operators, thus optimizing the usage of the telephone lines and minimizing the operators’ waiting time.
Celesta Outbound is able to make outbound calls for different purposes such as telemarketing, surveys and promotions and so on, by uploading the list of numbers to be called from an external source. Celesta manages multiple campaigns simultaneously and each agent can be linked to different campaigns at the same time in order to optimize resources and reduce operating costs.
Celesta Inbound manages the inbound calls of free numbers, company helpdesks, reservation centers and contact centers. Celesta Inbound can connect to any external data base or application, through a simple and immediate procedure and without any programming. This allows, upon receiving a call, the inbound telephone number to be associated to such information as company name, customer ID and so on, recorded in the external data base and to identify the caller before forwarding the call to the operator.

The VoiSmart Telephone Bar offers typical call center CTI features, also suitable for small businesses that need to install specific software. The telephone bar allows receiving inbound calls, putting them on hold or recording them, performing searches on the address book and making calls with just a click. A very simple automatism allows inbound events to be synchronized with external applications; this allows the caller’s information to be forwarded in order to elaborate it if needed. The telephone bar includes a softphone which is extremely useful to mobility users as they can always make and receive calls even when they are out of office.

VoiSmart Outlook Plug-in allows Microsoft Outlook 2007 to be integrated with the VoiSmart telephone switchboards. The user can manage the services available on Orchestra without opening other applications or clients. Within Outlook you can receive notifications of inbound calls with the automatic opening of the contact card, make calls by clicking on the contacts’ list, plan conference calls simply by selecting the contacts to be met in the Orchestra meeting room, manage the mobility services, FAX and SMS. The synchronization function will keep updated both its own and the VoiSmart switchboard address book in order to always keep all contacts available even when you are out of office.