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Recording calls

Orchestra Recording Suite is a powerful tool for recording telephone conversations and it meets the needs of a wide range of customers such as:

  • Companies subject to the specific statements  (utilities operating in the world of Gas and Energy)
  • Help desk services
  • Emergency centers
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Security services
  • Banks and financial companies
  • Call Centers
The suite is available as a separate telephone solution, both as auxiliary device can integrate with any existing telephony infrastructure via analog lines, ISDN or VoIP connections. It allows you to record telephone calls on the basis of several parameters, customizable for every need. For example, you can record any call incoming and outgoing from a specific line, or record conversations of a single user, or the incoming calls on a response queue.

Recordings can be started manually during the call; can be activated by the supervisor via the control panel, or by the user via the telephone bar or directly from the phone (depend on ip phones). It can be activated with or without warning alert message (according to configuration).

Quick search and easy playback of the conversation, can be performed using any PC, make the solution of immediate use in any ambiente.L'ascolto and research call is managed by a control panel where calls are ordered by date, ID the caller (if available), identification of the called party (if available) and duration. Access to listening to recordings done with user authentication and according to the same privileges, ensuring confidentiality and protection of privacy even when access is via local networks, Internet.

The recordings can be encrypted and signed with dual password.

Orchestra Recording Suite can be integrated leveraging existing storage systems with clear benefits:

  • It has no limit of space for storage of the calls;
  • It does not require dedicated hardware for storage;
  • use storage systems and standard available on the market;
  • single management and user authentication;
  • only procedure of protection and corporate security; etc.

The application has been successfully used for banking applications where you need to record to support the negotiation of transactions and telephone orders. In combination with VoIP for example, it allows you to centralize the service in the central office and decentralizing only  the IP terminals.

Recording of calls is necessary for all organizations that need to protect their company and their employees, while maintaining the privacy of the conversations. Have copies of all telephone communications, identify, where possible, the caller's number is critical to protect itself in case of claims or allegations.
A company that provides services to the citizen who has an audio proof in case of need is always able to measure and / or prove correct service delivery.
Orchestra Recording Suite is a flexible, easy to install and can achieve high efficiency at a low cost.