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Outlook Plug-in

Innovative function on VoiSmart Outlook Plug-in. Reliability and simplicity are the main values taken into consideration when creating superior customer service here at VoiSmart. From now on, users can handle the Orchestra  offered by VoiSmart services from Microsoft Outlook without opening any other applications.  A wide range of functions are available to the user with a simple click, such as click and call, synchronization, recording, SMS , FAX e Mobility. The VoiSmart Outlook plugin is available on Microsoft Outlook 2007 Version, the 2010 version will be released in the future.

Main Features

“Click and Call” this function  allows you to make a call with  just one click from  your contacts list or by selecting a number from your email account

Receiving  notification of( incoming) calls  with the automatic opening of the contact card. The bar phone allows you to receive notifications of incoming calls, to put them on hold or to record them. If the number of the incoming calls is not associated with any contacts, you can create a profile for it.

Entries in Outlook’s journal Create records of call history and records.

Registration and access to call records. With this feature it is possible to record a conversation directly from Outlook through the appropriate icon. The recorded calls can be listened to at anytime through a control panel where calls are ordered by date, caller ID, and recipient ID and call  duration with the plugin. The recordings can be stored directly on the PBX or on external devices in order to guarantee security, privacy and unlimited recording space.

Sync contacts  between Outlook and VoiSmart PBX.  The synchronization function will keep  your current and VoiSmart switchboard address book up to date, this makes all contacts available even when you are out of office.

Conference creation. It is possible to conference call, simply by selecting contacts to meet in Orchestra’s meeting room. Thanks to the calendar intuitive management, this program memorizes the event through the scheduling time, date and the identification number to call, entering eventual notes, and finally, the repeat mode.

Sending and receiving SMS.  All enabled users can receive and send SMS directly from their e-mail address. The user will be able to send an SMS to the VoiSmart switchboard to modify mobility status, call-back or call-bridging.

Sending and receiving FAX. Orchestra Fax Server allows you to assign each user a Fax box with a dedicated extension, with this the user has the possibility to consult and manage his own FAX box through an intuitive web interface both locally and remotely.

The user can benefit from the following functions: Receive faxes as pdf attachments on an email address; Fax notification  delivery/failure by e-mail; traceability of every single FAX; traffic monitoring of outgoing faxes;  fax forwarding via e-mail (PDF attachment) to one or more recipients; fast forwarding from web interface showing files and recipient in an integrated main board with a centralized address book (PDF format only); the option of scheduling sending Faxes; delivery via e-mail, “e-mail to FAX” (PDF format) and finally archiving sent faxes with possibility of adding notes for future needs. Such advantages add optimized information flow with a consequent reduction in the costs of corporate communication.

Mobility. It is possible to manage directly from Outlook using the Advanced Mobility function service. The end-user, with a few clicks, can decide how to manage his calls: for example, answering classified contacts in groups, or deciding to be always in the office or always available. For example, if the user  defines a "rule" to forward  calls simultaneously  to the inside , on mobile and house landline, when you will receive a call all three phones will ring, but only the first to answer will get in connection with the caller. So it’s important to establish the "rules of mobility" and "caller groups" to apply the rules, then the PBX VoiSmart and Orchestra Advanced will match the contacts groups with the rules and call the phones, resulting in the phone ringing simultaneously. In this way the sales representative customizes the answering mode for each contact and need. He or she has optimized the time available and he doesn’t risk to miss a work opportunity with a “busy or out of office” line.