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Orchestra IM

VoiSmart Instant Messaging & Presence (IM) is a solution based on Jabber protocol, which allows a rapid and efficient communication between local and remote users within the corporate network, providing private instant messaging & presence features as well as integration with public IM networks.The IM client integrates with VoiSmart PBX in order to manage the presence acting as powerful extension to the Orchestra platform. The perfect combination of real-time messaging and presence with the enterprise telecommunications system offer a new class of services and applications to match the requirements of modern processes and business. Instant messaging is continuously growing and establishing as communication tool, with more than hundreds of millions of workers that are currently using Instant Messaging systems, in continuous growth, giving to Instant Messaging an important role in the world of business communications.

Main Features

  • Multi-platform client (Windows / Linux / Mac)
  • Integrated softphone (optional)
  • Encrypted communications
  • Integration with enterprise authentication systems (LDAP, Active Directory) for centralized access management
  • Interoperability with major IM networks
  • Perfect integration with the VoiSmart PBX
  • Multi PBX support (enterprise networking)
  • Presence supervision
  • Phone status supervision, single and multiple phones extensions
  • PBX phone book access, phone book move/add/change, "click and call"
  • Management and administration via web interface
  • Centralized access control
  • Multi-User IM conference
  • User Groups (lists) and broadcast communication

Unified messaging for all

VoiSmart IM speeds up the information exchange, connects colleagues and users without the constraint of physical proximity. Through IM, distributed offices or employees who use PCs or smartphones can communicate freely and instantly. VoiSmart IM client allows also to connect other messaging systems bringing their use into a single controlled environment. VoiSmart IM include phone status information such as: available, busy, DND and many other. VoiSmart IM simplifies communication and improves productivity by cutting useless calls. The VoiSmart IM client, in addition to instant messaging services, allows the user to browse the company phone book and to gain access to all phone services including click-to-dial (dialer). An integrated softphone is also available to make phone calls directly from the PC in safe mode without the need of a dedicated desk phone.


Did you know ...

VoiSmart PBX allow you to make calls from any phone?

Suppose that a business man, perhaps in abroad, should call a customer in another country, and suppose that it hasn't a roaming service on mobile phone, or it is very expensive, or he don't want let him know that he is in abroad. In this case, he can set in the PBX VoiSmart the number to forward his calls and that's all. For example, he could set the number of his mobile phone, or the hotel room phone number and all incoming calls or generated by a click and call will be transferred to that number.

And if he has no internet connection?
Just send an sms with the number to be call and the "callback service" will call for him and will transfer to the selected number.

VoiSmart, the solution to simplify your communications!