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IP accessories

VoiSmart vGSM-II cards are a PCI/PCIe express adapters capable of making GSM network services available to the hosting system. It may be used in several applications: voice, data and SMS gateways, SMS interactive systems, remote control, etc... This board allows systems integrators to transform highly priced fixed to mobile voice traffic into a much cheaper mobile to mobile call management, with considerable savings. No external gateways needed in your Asterisk PBX. 100% compatible with EU, US, Brazil and Japan and GSM networks (850/900/1800/1900 MHz modules are available). SMS are handled in native modality, thanks to a new Asterisk application for messages TX and RX, available free together with this board. VoiSmart vGSM-IIe board is supplied with GPL open source drivers, it is compatible with all Linux / Asterisk systems, managing kernel versions from 2.6.x (or later).