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Skype Gateway

VoiSmart Skype Gateway is an “all in one” appliance that effectively connects Skype to any VoiSmart PBX. All staff can take full advantage of Skype services without using PC with USB phone or headset peripherals directly on corporate phone! Again it allows your Company to direct outgoing calls through Skype services using the Least Cost Routing to take advantage of competitive costs offered, other than P2P connections.

VoiSmart Skype Gateway allows each employee in the office to place calls to Skype accounts belonging to remote or mobile employees directly from desk phones in the office.
Differently to other products in the market, the solution features high reliability hardware combined with telecommunication class application software in a “off the shelf appliance, to ensure continuity of service not affected by inappropriate choices of operating system and/or supporting hardware. VoiSmart Skype Gateway is “stackable”, so additional channels can be easily obtained by adding as many units are needed.

Key Benefits

The advantages of VoiSmart Skype Gateway for your business include:

  • Free calls from your desk phone to Skype contacts (with speed dial numbers)
  • Receiving a call on your desk phone from Skype contact
  • Integrating remote Skype users in the enterprise network telephony
  • Connect the corporate Web site to the VoiSmart PBX through the Skype API
  • Connect different offices through Skype and talk directly with employees also using Skype
  • Provide to international contacts a local number to call with the Skype-IN service
  • Call fix and mobile phones in any country at affordable rates with service Skype-OUT


The VoiSmart Skype Gateway and PBX combination expands the communication service levels and provides additional cost saving opportunities to any organization. VoiSmart Skype Gateway is so simple and straightforward that will be perceived as a natural and very easy of use integration of an innovative, cheap service like Skype into the existing company telephony infrastructure, both at user and administration level.
The Skype gateway connects to the LAN ad it is “seen” by VoiSmart PBX like a generic set of “SIP trunks”, so any user can make calls to a Skype account directly from desk phones just dialing the associated short number extension! The gateway will then route the call via Internet through the Skype network to reach the remote account without using any traditional lines.

Of course also Skype remote accounts can dial the central office and the call will be terminated on the phones of the office telephony system. The Skype incoming call will be managed by the PBX as any incoming call and then access all services available on the VoiSmart PBX such as voice mail, IVR, conference, ACD, etc...

A Skype user may send and receive calls even from a remote offices without the use of additional Skype gateway, the VoiSmart PBX will bridge the calls to connect remote locations, remote users and even mobile users through GSM network using fixed-to-mobile-convergence services.
The huge number of Skype users around the world makes Skype a tool to cost effectively connect to potential customers, services like web click-to-call using Skype service may then provide high quality customer care services at very low cost. VoiSmart Skype Gateway is therefore a unique opportunity also to integrate on the corporate website click-to-call service for the customers. Each call generated through Skype service on the website will be then managed through the VoiSmart PBX, accessing an IVR and then distributed to contact center operators by the ACD service to relevant queues like any other call.


VoiSmart Skype Gateway is easy to install and connects directly with SIP protocol to any VoiSmart PBX (or IP PBX). The solution is "stackable" to add channels as they become necessary limiting initial investment.

VoiSmart Skype Gateway is available in two HW configurations (compact/19” Rack 1U) for up to 8 or 16 channels:

  • VoiSmart Skype Gateway compact line
    • Appliance fanless/diskless suitable for up to 8 channels Skype
    • Appliance fanless/diskless suitable for up to 16 channels Skype
  • VoiSmart Skype Gateway rack line
    • Appliance Rack 19” 1U diskless suitable for up to 8 channels Skype
    • Appliance Rack 19” 1U diskless suitable for up to 16 channels Skype

• Two RJ45 ports: Dual 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet
• Power supply: Input AC 100 ~ 240V
• Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ° C

• FCC Part 15 Class B
• CE Class B
• VCCI Class B
• EN60950

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