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Gateway GSM

VoiSmart VoIP/GSM/SMS Gateway is an Asterisk-based IP gateway which allows you to transform fixed-to-mobile into mobile-to-mobile traffic in the simplest and most efficient way. It's a true “black box”, which can be reached as a VoIP client/server. VoiSmart VoIP/GSM/SMS Gateway integrate the SMS server feature that allows to send and receive high volumes of SMS traffic in the simplest and most efficient way. It is ready to be configured as a Mail server or a POP3 client. It allows multiple simultaneously active GSM channels, in different case configurations (from 4 up to 32 engines).
The VoiSmart Gateways support SIM server functionalities for remote and central storing of any number of SIM cards.

A Professional Solution for Professional use. No extra hardware to be added, no installation effort, no technical skills required: a real plug-and-play device, designed to make your business immediately running. You can see it as a standard VoIP client/server, and integration is done. LCR and smart routing of incoming calls are immediately available, as well as all its powerful features. Easy to be integrated with professional SMS management systems, it's also a all-in-one system to start sending and receiving SMSs from the most popular mailing applications (Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc.).

Powerful and versatile, think of it as a pure node in the network. VoiSmart VoIP/GSM/SMS Gateway is the building block on which you will rely to implement high profile solutions, as well as the next door to the world of message communication.


Main Features

  • VoIP supported
  • All in one: no extra HW or SW required
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to install
  • Simultaneous operation on multiple channels up to 32
  • SIM Server support for remote storage and management
  • Full PBX funtions: call forwarding, callback, call hunting, voicemail,  programmable IVR, music on hold
  • Full Least Cost Routing support
  • DISA with voice navigation, user configurable messages for incoming calls
  • Incoming calls routing
  • Echo cancellation on GSM engines
  • Allows broadcasting of SMSs
  • Configurable either as Mail Server or POP3 Client
  • High efficiency thanks to multiple channels operation
  • Compact fanless hardware or industrial rack mountable hardware

VoiSmart GSM Gateway

The VoiSmart GSM Gateway is a device that allows seamless integration of enterprise fixed network to GSM mobile networks and without changing your telephony infrastructure. Built over the unique vGSM II technology.

Fix to mobile phone calls typically are 2-3 times the cost of a mobile to mobile phone call. This is because the telecom operators charge the phone users additional connection fees when calling a mobile phone number. The VoiSmart GSM Gateways bring remedies at this expensive practice by directly connecting the fixed telecommunication infrastructure to the mobile phone network and therefore avoiding fixed-to-mobile connection fees. By converting fixed-to-mobile calls into mobile-to-mobile, the average rate of these calls is reduced by 40% and up to 80 % for calls when using corporate mobile tariffs, and these advantages are extended to all scenarios that involve mobility of the workforce.

Reducing costs of international calls when calling from your mobile

You are on your way from the office, when you realise you have forgotten to call your business partner in Italy? You do not need to worry about how much your GSM operator is going to charge you for calling Italy. You just call your office through one of the SIM’s in the GSM Gateway, access the PBX services that redirect your call through the most convenient service provider! The call to the GSM gateway benefits of  Corporate mobile tariff plan while the outgoing call is routed through the most convenient carrier, and all automatically. The GSM Gateway extend your desk anywhere you are, to make calls but also to receive them at the most convenient fare!

More powerful than a high-end PBX

Having more SIM cards installed in the VoiSmart GSM Gateway, you can make multiple mobile-to-mobile calls among different mobile operators. The sophisticated least cost routing and rules that can be programmed for each SIM card allow you to handle a huge amount of application scenarios with only one box.  In addition, the VoiSmart GSM Gateways can become a full PBX with endless features like: voicemail,  programmable IVR, music on hold, call forwarding, call-back, call hunting and SMS support.  SMS alerts provide value added information to your customers, keeping in touch with your mobile users at all times and improving their productivity by using simple tools to send SMS from a web page.
Benefits of using VoiSmart GSM Gateways include:

  • Significant cost saving, especially for mobility scenarios, international calls and fix to mobile calls
  • High flexibility and comfort while working out of your office
  • Your mobile phone becomes a fixed line, along with all the features of a switchboard PBX
  • Simplified communication, less tries, when contacting your colleagues, just dial one number  regardless whether he is at the desk or out
  • Replace expensive systems, such as DECT, which require an additional phone sets

The VoiSmart GSM Gateway transform your mobile phone into your office

With the VoiSmart GSM Gateway your mobile phone fully replaces the fixed line and rings along it. When a customer is calling you on your office number, if you are not at your desk or out, based on your rules, your mobile will start ringing, and you can decide to pick up or leave your office voicemail to answer for you. When your answer with your mobile phone you can enjoy all the flexibility a switchboard has to offer. The caller will not notice any change, in fact, they cannot feel whether you are sitting at your desk or not. Again when you need to call a customer abroad (or a fixed line extension) and you are at home or travelling, you need just to call any of the SIM’s in the VoiSmart GSM Gateway, your call will be recognised and passed through the company switchboard and managed as any fixed extension, and routed in the most convenient way. Your mobility is not anymore an additional cost!

VoiSmart GSM Gateway improve communication at industrial sites

Manufacturing companies with a large workshops, warehouses and open storages located in industrial areas often use DECT solutions for their employees. A professional DECT solution is very expensive when the covered area is very big and the employees are a few (i.e. tank farms, large warehouses, open areas,… ). A simple VoiSmart GSM Gateway can replace the DECT infrastructure using instead the GSM network and any entry level GSM phone (often already available) instead of the professional DECT phones. Dialling rules can be easily configured to work through the VoiSmart GSM Gateway and to limit outgoing calls. Since mobile operators offer flat rates for corporate mobile contracts the corporate mobile network become automatically your local telecommunication network. Any mobile phone is then becoming part of the corporate network at minimum/no cost and solves paging and mobility requirements without major investments.