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Office Rack IP

VoiSmart Office Rack PBX is a compact, cost effective and reliable VoIP PBX, which can handle up to 120 users and one to 30 ISDN/GSM lines, besides direct web connectivity, in order to suit all the requirements of SoHo and small business customers.

Target: SME, Small Medium Enterprise, branch office.

The brand new 19" rack mountable solution has 2 slots to house boards and a LED signal system, which ensures high flexibility and overall system control, the new Office Rack , which increases transcoding power for G.729, moreover it will be sold in 3 different configurations according to the specific CPU on board. Voismart OfficePlus PBX has a small case, but great performances, running the same software of the big enterprise-grade VoiSmart exchanges.

  • Ideal up to 40/60/120 users
  • Maximum 10/16/30 lines (VoIP and/or PSTN)
  • Analog, ISDN interfaces integrated or with external gateways
  • Terminals IP, BCA (with gateway), WiFi
  • Case diskless, compact flash, 2 USB ports, 2 LAN 10/100 ports
  • Fax Server Integrated up to 2/4/8 concurrent faxes (optional)

VoiSmart is a manufacturer of telephone systems, not a licensing software maker. Together with a Office Rack PBX, an full set of telephone services is supplied without any additional cost:

  • Intuitive and user friendly web interface
  • Voicemail
  • Unified communication suite
  • Fully customisable auto attendant
  • Customisable music on hold
  • PC operator panel
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Integrated phone book
  • Programmable Least Cost Routing on real cost
  • Audio conference agenda
  • Authentication service on active directories and LDAP
  • Click and call
  • Calls user and queues statistics and graphs


PBX model Office Rack 10 Office Rack 16 Office Rack 30
Nominal lines 10 16 30
Expansion slot 2 2 2
Max ISDN PRI interfaces - 1 2(e)
Max ISDN BRI interfaces (d) 8 8 8
Max Analog interfaces (d) 8 16 16
Max GSM interfaces (d) 8 8 8
Users 40 60 120
Concurrent FAXs(a) 2 4 8
SMS Server(a)(b) yes yes yes
Instant Messaging(a) no yes yes
Advanced Mobility(a) yes yes yes
Recording Suite(a)(c) yes yes yes
Max power 100 W
Size 48 x 4,5 x 35,5 cm
Weight 3,5 kg
(a) Optional
(b) GSM card required
(c) Monitoring and control on ip phone only available on snom and aastra
(d) All slots required for maximum expansion
(e) The second interface only configured as pass-thru



Call functions
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID identification
  • Call waiting indication (caller ID on call waiting)
  • Caller name display
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Call forwarding on busy
  • Call forwarding on no answer
  • Call forwarding to other extension, group, operator
  • Call forwarding based on caller ID
  • Call transfer blind
  • Call transfer assisted
  • Call transfer parking
  • Call transfer retrieval
  • Call waiting management
  • Remote Call pickup
  • Call-hunting services
  • Call-back on busy
  • Do Not Disturb, DND function
  • Call-hunting multilevel
  • Call back function
  • Director-secretary services
  • Speed dialling
  • Music on Hold, Music on Transfer
  • Music and messages: Flexible MP3 based system, Volume Control, Random Play, Linear Play
  • SIP
  • Traditional Telephony Interoperability
    FXS,FXO, BRI, PRI GSM Protocols
  • DTMF support
  • ADPCM, G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law), G.722, G.723.1 (pass through), G.726, G.729 (optional), GSM, iLBC, Linear, LPC-10, Speex
  • Web based interface, intuitive point-and-click, drop-down menus, online help
  • multiplatform solution
  • multilingual interface
  • Remote assistant using VPN
  • Graphic Dial Plan editor
  • Autoprovisioning IP phones
  • Alarms with e-mail notify and Automatic Backup
  • Internal DHCP Server
  • Internal Firewall
Telephony Services
  • VoiceMail for accounts, password protection, call notification, lost calls and voicemail presence indication
  • Access to VoiceMail through phone, browser, e-mail, web and SMS(optional)
  • Customisable voice messages
  • Fully customisable auto attendant (day, night, weekend, holidays)
  • Fully programmable IVR platform
  • Flexible extensions numbering
  • Multilines extensions
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
  • Multiple audio conference rooms
  • Unlimited audio conference users (limited by the specific IP PBX nominal lines)
  • LDAP directory services
  • Local phonebooks: Public, Personal, Groups, Extensions
  • Shared phonebooks: LDAP, remote PBXs
  • Fully programmable call queueing functions (round robin, ring all, random, least recent, fewest calls)
  • Call Details Record (access based on privilegies)
  • Call Details Record by lines and telecom operator
  • System statistics and graphs
  • Calls user and queues statistics and graphs
  • Calls logging (missed calls, dialed calls)
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Remote and local Agents support
  • Authentication service on active directories and LDAP
  • Intercom service on ip phones
  • Programmable multiple Least Cost Routing on real cost
  • Recording call suite (access based on privilegies)
  • Distinctive ringing (depending on ip phone)
  • Remote phonebooks on ip phones (depending on ip phone model)
  • Operatore panel and Presence on PC (web or stand-alone)
  • speed dial phonebook
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Computer-Telephony Integration