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VoiSmart Business PBX is a VoIP soluton, which can manage, in its base configuration, up to 60 PSTN lines, up to 2PRI lines and a direct web connection. Target: Enterprises and corporates with intensive use of telephony network. The 19" rack mountable solution has 5 slots to house boards, which ensures high flexibility and overall system control, thanks to its stackable architecture, VoiSmart Business PBX can match the needs of corporate customers who have to manage structured networks.
VoiSmart Enterprise is the fault tolerant architecture designed by VoiSmart for its IP PBXs: it can be implemented at several levels, starting by parts duplication (power supply, RAID RAM, Hot Swap RAID for hard disks, etc.) up to an architecture featuring two complete systems, either in Master – Slave configuration, or in a Multimaster structure, with load balancing features. Target: Corporates, Call centers, PA, critical telephony applications. In a Master-Slave configuration, whenever the Master, who holds control on the service, is out of service, a software failover control system will start the Slave unit in very short time (<3 sec), keeping the service alive. In a Multimaster configuration, each equipment shares a part of the total traffic, and in case of failure of one unit, the other systems will take care of its part of the load. An alerting procedure will also check the status of the Slave during Master-driven…
Mini IP manages up to 16 users and 6 nominal lines with a combination VoIP and integrated ISDN BRI. Mini IP is built with anodized aluminum compact fanless case, it uses only flash memory in order to avoid any movement parts. Mini IP has integrated 2 ISDN BRI interfaces, 2 Ethernet interfaces, 2 USB and a serial port for debugging. Target: SOHO, small office, remote office Mini IP is small in size but big in performances, as it offers the same high end software that VoiSmart deploys in its large corporate Unified Communications systems: the power of a giant in a nutshell!