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PBX legacy integration

Every company has its own phone system, today with the advent of new technologies, these systems are often obsolete or insufficient to meet the needs of comnunicazione. Despite these needs, the company, for reasons of economic or technical nature, it isn't often able to replace the system with one of the new generation. As an alternative to replacement you can integrate your existing PBX with new features through the use of Orchestra IP PBX. In this condition, the company will be required:
  • Protection of investiment 
  • Adding new features
  • Extension of the lines with VoIP connections
  • Extension of the lines with GSM connections

A solution based on Orchestra PBX and GSM gateway fulfills all the demands while minimizing the impact on the existing telephone network. The diagram shows the implementation of VoIP services and the functionality of GSM services. Using a PBX with GSM cards VoiSmart is possible to integrate both services in a single box.

Benefits and customer satisfaction:

  • Recovery of the existing investment, interfacing with an existing PBX allows to recover the Infrastructure of traditional telephones, and extend lines or terminals when the existing PBX is no longer expandable. Adding new functionality, integration allows you to: extend the voicemail support for existing phones, add an powerfull IVR, a ACD that allows to sort incoming calls, add conferencing, introduce services of fax server, etc..
  • Extension of the lines with VoIP connections to connect remote offices without further investment, and add available channels for VoIP calls or Skype to users connected.
  • Extension of the lines with GSM connections, allows: a significant cost savings, particularly in scenarios involving highly mobile, international calls and fixed-to-mobile; flexibility and convenience for those who work outside the office, the phone is seen as a telephone fixed retaining the all features of our PBX, simple communication is the system that reaches the recipient regardless of where it is, substituting expensive systems such as DECT, which require additional hardware.
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