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Instant messaging

The companies distributed over many locations and with many traveling employees (eg: network sales, logistics, production and technological development, control of plants abroad ..) can take advantage of instant messaging to improve communication between staff and reduce communication costs.

VoiSmart IM in the company introduces the following advantages:

  • Increasing of communication between the personnel
  • Reduction of telephone calls
  • Reduction of travelling costs
  • Simplified access to centralized services

In this scenario VoiSmart IM oversees the status of all units and all users, notifying which users at their location and which are on the phone. In branch offices, users can see the availability of their colleague from their IM client,  before bothering with a phone call. The VoIP calls can be done with a single click from VoiSmart clients. People at the hotel can use the integrated softphone to make and receive calls, as well sending instant messages to their colleagues in the office. Travellling employees will use the smart phone with the Jabber client to communicate with the company avoiding useless calls.

Main benefits

Increased communication between the staff: instant messaging, less invasive than phone call, encourages communication. The user can send messages and receive replies in real time, even when the partner is engaged in other activities, in order to create minimal disturbance.
Reducing the number of phone calls: the introduction of the instant messaging system reduces the need to make phone calls, for example, many requests can be made and dealt with a simple message. The integrated gateway to other messengers allows you to interact with external users, customers, suppliers with messages instead of phone calls. The monitoring and supervision of mobile alerts, minimizing waiting times and the only when the person is available.
Reducing the costs of traveling staff: the traveling staff on a mission or a teleworker, can use the company phone network minimizing or eliminating the use of mobile phones, roaming, etc.. The user can use the client VoiSmart both for calls and messaging. The hotel phone can be used as a terminal to receive and make calls, but all generated from the VoiSmart PBX.
Easy access to centralized services: VoiSmart IM client enables user to use communications services, for example: at the hotel you can search business telephone numbers or phone or fax for a specific customer and a click to make a call or send a fax or a text message. You can keep your card of your contacts and sync with your address book in Microsoft Outlook, etc..