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Companies with multiple branches (network sales, logistics, production, ..) have communication needs that if made ​​with traditional telephony  can be generally ineffective and very expensive.

The requirement of a typical multi-site companies are:

  • Easy communication between the various sites
  • Share services and data
  • Centralize / deploy services according to the needs
  • Easy integration of new units / offices

VoiSmart systems are particularly suitable for creating multi-site projects, a good solution can be composed by a VoiSmart Business PBX at headquarters and VoiSmart Office PBX and / or Mini PBX in various locations depending on the lines / users.

By connecting multiple units together,  the user can communicate in VoIP between sites and have a unified numbering plan, rules for call routing and optimized sharing services. In all scenarios the fax can be managed through the use of gateways that interface the fax machine to VoIP, or by the fax service on the integrated PBX thus eliminating any external device.

Main benefits


The easy communication between sites is immmediate, VoIP interconnection between remote locations allows to generate a unique number between all locations. The traveling staff (with office in multiple locations) maintains a single numbering and simplifies recruitment. The services of recall, the lines states, and contact list  reduce the search time of the contact. Call costs between locations are reset by encouraging communication between departments and colleagues.
Sharing infrastructure between voice and data reduce the cost of connectivity, the interconnection VoIP leverages existing network without any extra charge. Thanks to the Traffic Shaper, there is no loss of quality in VoIP calls between locations, maximizing bandwidth for data traffic when it is not used by voice services
Ability to centralize and / or deliver services according to the needs, you can centralize incoming and outgoing lines minimizing costs with the telephone operator, receptionist service could be unified, greatly reducing the cost of staff, the IVR system programmable can be centralized or decentralized in the various locations allowing the management of incoming calls without the need for dedicated operator.
Easy integration of new units / offices, the integration of new sites is simple and the investment is minimal, you can add IP phones or in remote locations, if incoming / outgoing lines are needed, you can simply add a VoiSmart PBX and integrate it with the existing network.