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VoiSmart Quality Partner

VoiSmart Quality Partners is a program designed for retailers that choose products VoiSmart to develop their business. Choose VoiSmart, in fact is not only a guarantee of product quality and service reliability, but also training both technical and commercial, remote and phone support. Specialized services support and consulting services such as hardware replacement or feasibility studies, information constantly updated via newsletters and finally the ability to dowload directly from VoiSmart web site of manuals, drivers and software.


The main advantages to be VoiSmart Quality Partner

Starter kit

VoiSmart Starter Kit is the basic package that allows you to perform the first installation of products VoiSmart. A particularly attractive price, allows you to try the product, install it, and use it to verify the high potential of Orchestra.

Technical training and sales

Be a certified VoiSmart Quality Partners means receiving in-depth training on products and differs on the market for more expertise on unified communication technology. The certification is done on two levels: Silver and Golden. Each partner has the right to participate in a training session (up to 4 people per company). Registration for courses is simple: just check the Course Schedule the date of the first course available and fill out the form indicating first and last names of the participants. Within a few days, VoiSmart will send a confirmation e-mail, on the basis of available seats.

Lead generation

VoiSmart believes in the effectiveness of distribution channel. For this reason we are committed to bringing potential customers to our network of dealers and distributors. Through the website receive every month dozens of requests for information and quotes, these are important contacts, which may result in concrete business opportunities on VoiSmart products,these contacts are sent to local retailers. This policy ensures the customer the best level of service and channel the concrete possibility to develop new opportunities.

Phone Support

For each VoiSmart Quality Partner is assigned a six-digit numerical code, called Customer Code. This code allows you to telephone our technicians through a dedicated line which guarantees the priority of the call. How? After dialing the VoiSmart phone number, enter the account number, the call will be taken over by the first available engineer. Each time you use the telephone support service, the number of minutes are automatically scaled by total hours. The starter kit will include 2 Hours of free phone support! Exhausted the first two hours you can recharge the account number by buying a package of 5 hours at special price.

Online Support

Each VoiSmart Quality Partners has access to web helpdesk service. This service allows you to open the Ticket online, or requests for assistance, which are analyzed from assistance VoiSmart, that will solve the problem as quickly as possible. The service does not guarantee a running time of default, but you can buy packages of 20 (twenty) ticket with SLA (Service Level Agreement). In this case, the time to take charge of the message is guaranteed dall'Asssistenza VoiSmart.

Support services and consultantcy

These services can be activated on demand by signing specific service agreement. The application modules for vertical solutions, updates of capabilities designed to improve the performance of all products VoiSmart during the twelve months following the subscription. The service is applicable to all products VoiSmart and consists of an annual fee for each product.

Availability Telefonica. It allows you to obtain the support service of telephone support hours and / or special days. The service will receive support directly with the technical staff outside office hours and / or on holidays. The fee depends on the type of products and the type of service selected, 13x5 or 24x7 (hours x number of days per week) and not depend on the number of installed products that the dealer has installed.

Feasibility study. The Feasibility Study propose a detailed analysis of the project based on current requirements of the end customer, with the aim of transmitting the technical and economic data for the assessment of costs and benefits arising from the insertion of a VoiSmart solution. In fact, a careful study and proper planning of the project are the basic steps to ensure the effectiveness of the investment and therefore the success of their business. The Feasibility Study is a service available to dealers who, having the need to apply specific solutions, we want to know in advance all the costs, risks, and of course, the benefits. It is a document that analyzes in detail the various aspects that make up the design of the system in terms of organizational, economic, regulatory and technological.